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Way back in the ’40s, before the advent of the iPad and cell phones and possibly even before black & white TV, it is rumored that a bunch of locals decided that they needed an official place to call their own, a place where they could park their steed and hang their hat after a hard day’s work. And so, it came to be that after some long pondering and probably some libation, they decided to name this very place The Saddle Club.

Then, in the mid-late ’40s, The Saddle Club passed over its “reins” to two WWII vets/friends as they took over the establishment and named it the C&C Tavern. Eventually, The Hillsboro Tavern became the name of choice as it had become a popular fixture located on top of the hill in Mingo Junction, Ohio.

Anyway, that’s all past history.  In 2001, The Hillsboro Tavern added Grill to its name to emphasize the superb food along with maintaining the great reputation of the past, on which has made the Hillsboro Grill & Tavern one of America’s great neighborhood establishments.

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Hillsboro Grill & Tavern

804 McLister Ave.
Mingo Junction, OH 43938


Kitchen Hours:

Monday-Thursday     11am-10pm
Friday                        10am-11pm
Saturday                    10am-10pm
Sunday                      11:30am-10pm

Bar Hours:

Monday-Thursday    11am-2:30am
Friday-Saturday        10am-2:30am
Sunday                      11:30am-12:30am


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